Holiday Gifts: Ideas for the Musicians and Music Lovers

With the holidays approaching, many of us find ourselves hard pressed to buy gifts for the musician in the family as their tastes are fickle and their criteria multi-layered beyond comprehension. Sometimes this issue can be as simple as a gift card to solve, but that can lack sentimental value. Talking about their wants and desires is an obvious foot in the door though it can ruin the element of surprise.

Here we’ve listed out a few great ideas and some resources for you to poke around. See if they match the kind of musical activities the person your buying for is up to, and perhaps you’ll find the perfect gift. Keep in mind that musically related products can be a big hit and it doesn’t have to be a shiny new guitar. Anything to support the cause and make their environment represent their passions.

Mobile Studio Toolkit


If the musician in your life is after a balance of work and travel and is looking for compact gear that is light and durable that can provide professional results, there is a variety of audio gear that will help them get there. Abeldir lists a small collection of products that audio professionals can take on the road that are build tough and are also studio standard, producing extraordinary results. Here we see an Avantone Mixcube speaker which helps assure musicians that their work translates well across a wide range of listening devices, very important with all of today’s audio gadgets they have to keep up with.

Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders







The Jack Rack guitar amp key holder allows you to plug your keys right into them via a 1/4″ input. The holder mounts on to the wall and holds 4 ports. They come in a variety of models both vintage and modern. For the electronic music fan, Jack Racks has also created a version in the style of DJ turntables. Surely there’s a model that will fit any music lover.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker


For the rock and roll lover, Marshall has developed an impressive blue tooth speaker reminiscent of their iconic amplifiers that are designed true to the Marshall name: “with loud in mind.” An optical port allows you to connect the amp to a TV, AppleTV, Airport Express, satellite/cable, hard disk player, or any other Bluetooth device. There is a 3-band EQ for sound controls and an additional RCA output allows you to connect to turntables for any standard analog application.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

DJ Cat Scratch

You can’t tell us that you aren’t absolutely in love with this. Anybody in the world would love to generate a catalogue of potential DJ names for their cat as it spins turntables to their jam. The kit is made of cardboard that is folded together and includes instructions. Replacing the cardboard is an easy purchase should your cat get too deep into the groove.

Electronic vs. Manual – You Be The Judge

Electronic cooking devices have taken over the modern kitchen, offering wider options in speed and versatility. Programmable settings offer users exact cooking settings for their exact recipe in minimal time and effort. As contemporary life moves further and faster toward optimizing efforts and time spent on any given task, it is hard to imagine why anyone should wish to stick to their old, manual methods. Is it a question of comfort? A question of tradition? Some appliances can be past down through generations, baring sentimental qualities where the practice of using them is engrained in the user and produces a ritualistic effect. If that is the case then one would assume that these people would not make up a consumer base as their appliances are heirlooms. But surprisingly, there are still many high selling appliances today that can often outnumber programmable alternatives in sales.

A high learning curve can intimidate many new buyers to a product, giving them little incentive to risk making an expensive purchase that will end up collecting dust in their cupboards. So which kind of manual products are still dishing out such outstanding results as to compete so well in such an electronic marketplace? Let’s look at the Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker series put out by Fissler. Fissler is a German based company which holds a worldwide reputation for making outstanding products of high quality and workmanship. Their pressure cookers are of the finest 18/10 stainless steel and are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of pressure cookers. User reviews rave that buying one of their items is a lifelong investment and one should see beyond the large initial investment. We gathered much helpful information about this world class family of stainless steel pressure cooker from a valuable site, an excellent resource for everything pressure cooking. If you are ever in search of product reviews of various models, along with cook books and recipes and quicktips, visit

Many brands manage to compete in the digital market place as they have optimal controls which, though manual, still provide easy use with simple, self explanitory mechanisms. When considering that it is the old manual model which electronic devices attempt to not just replicate but transcend completely, it makes it a much harder challenge.  Fisslers extraordinary stainless steel Pressure cooker series serves as a perfect example of how older brands are staying modern and relevant with optimized features without losing their ultimate utility. Should you wish to compare these to some electric models then follow the same site to read the best electric pressure cooker reviews. They are all excellent models which are the competitors of the Fissler series. So research your products and assess which methods you prefer and your level of expertise, and don’t be quick to write off a manual item for being out of your league. You may be very surprised with what you can find.

Pressure Cookers


Buy better products: Learning the language of electronics

Not everyone can be too concerned with all of the writing on the package of a product when looking to make a purchase. Even if they are willing to spend a decent amount of money, as long as the item is proven to do the job this is all that counts. Of course this is an easy attitude to have and in most cases it is ultimately acceptable. It is a very tedious task to try to learn all of the criteria in, for example: cooking, cooling, heating and lighting… And in more cases than not, we would be quick to agree that this is fine.

However there are times when the lack of knowledge can lead to a domino effect down the road where multiple items are purchased where one seems to render another obsolete. We see this all the time in computer software, or perhaps even our smartphones. Ever blown a fuse? Without getting into full details about watts and volts and the entire handy mans vocabulary, we’d simply suggest typing some of these keywords into or Before buying an item, check out some reviews. Research and try to determine some patterns in customer experience. Look at what your conditions are in regard to using this item before purchasing and try to align your situation to avoid having to go back to the hardware store and get the right adaptor, cable, light fixture, etc.

Learning a few of these keywords can save you much time and money down the road, consider them as a simple life hack. Try checking out to examine a broad range of products to start working, little by little on your handy man vocabulary.

Finding Legitimate Customer Reviews For Kitchen Appliances.

Scanning the market for new electronic appliances can be a tedious task. There are plenty of brands to choose from which cover such a wide range of items that can vary in quality, it is hard to know where to pick. For instance, you may be pleased with your Sunbeam bread maker but very disappointed with your next Sunbeam purchase. Some brands can be consistent across the board and develop a high degree of customer loyalty. This requires a deep understanding of the habits and techniques of the user as to develop intuitive features with no compromise on the quality.

One highly effective way of getting an idea of a product before making a purchase is to research customer ratings and reviews. There are millions of resources online which either review products or sell them and leave comment sections on their sites for customers to engage in conversation about the product. This works for everyone because potential customers can get an idea of what to expect from the product and the feedback also helps the manufacturer correct or perhaps enhance the design in the future.

Programmable Slow Cooker


Often we may find ourselves blessed to come across a site of cooking enthusiasts who enjoy a particular method of cooking or the particular family of appliance that comes along with it, such as slow cooking. We went on a quest to discover which models were the best rated slow cookers online which brought us to the Best Slow Cooker, a very useful site for someone looking to investigate which items people are happy with long after their purchases with little to no complaints. In addition to testing items and reviewing and comparing them, they scour the web, assessing all customer reviews from online retailers and size them against their own experiments. This helps bypass a potential buyers endless search of reading mixed reviews that are often vague or misleading. In addition, these sites will also offer additional resources for whichever relates to the product. In this case, slow cooker books and recipes.

If someone is not fortunate enough to come across such a site then they may be left to take the risk of buying a product without prior knowledge or spending hours online figuring it out. There are many out there so be sure that when you search for the product you are interested in to use words such as “reviews” and “ratings” so that you can find the appropriate website that can cut off the extra hours. You can find great insight into customer reviews on wikipedia.