Electronic vs. Manual – You Be The Judge

Electronic cooking devices have taken over the modern kitchen, offering wider options in speed and versatility. Programmable settings offer users exact cooking settings for their exact recipe in minimal time and effort. As contemporary life moves further and faster toward optimizing efforts and time spent on any given task, it is hard to imagine why anyone should wish to stick to their old, manual methods. Is it a question of comfort? A question of tradition? Some appliances can be past down through generations, baring sentimental qualities where the practice of using them is engrained in the user and produces a ritualistic effect. If that is the case then one would assume that these people would not make up a consumer base as their appliances are heirlooms. But surprisingly, there are still many high selling appliances today that can often outnumber programmable alternatives in sales.

A high learning curve can intimidate many new buyers to a product, giving them little incentive to risk making an expensive purchase that will end up collecting dust in their cupboards. So which kind of manual products are still dishing out such outstanding results as to compete so well in such an electronic marketplace? Let’s look at the Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker series put out by Fissler. Fissler is a German based company which holds a worldwide reputation for making outstanding products of high quality and workmanship. Their pressure cookers are of the finest 18/10 stainless steel and are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of pressure cookers. User reviews rave that buying one of their items is a lifelong investment and one should see beyond the large initial investment. We gathered much helpful information about this world class family of stainless steel pressure cooker from a valuable site, an excellent resource for everything pressure cooking. If you are ever in search of product reviews of various models, along with cook books and recipes and quicktips, visit www.pressure-cooker-cooking.com.

Many brands manage to compete in the digital market place as they have optimal controls which, though manual, still provide easy¬†use with simple, self explanitory mechanisms. When considering that it is the old manual model which electronic devices attempt to not just replicate but transcend completely, it makes it a much harder challenge. ¬†Fisslers extraordinary stainless steel Pressure cooker series serves as a perfect example of how older brands are staying modern and relevant with optimized features without losing their ultimate utility. Should you wish to compare these to some electric models then follow the same site to read the best electric pressure cooker reviews. They are all excellent models which are the competitors of the Fissler series. So research your products and assess which methods you prefer and your level of expertise, and don’t be quick to write off a manual item for being out of your league. You may be very surprised with what you can find.

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