Holiday Gifts: Ideas for the Musicians and Music Lovers

With the holidays approaching, many of us find ourselves hard pressed to buy gifts for the musician in the family as their tastes are fickle and their criteria multi-layered beyond comprehension. Sometimes this issue can be as simple as a gift card to solve, but that can lack sentimental value. Talking about their wants and desires is an obvious foot in the door though it can ruin the element of surprise.

Here we’ve listed out a few great ideas and some resources for you to poke around. See if they match the kind of musical activities the person your buying for is up to, and perhaps you’ll find the perfect gift. Keep in mind that musically related products can be a big hit and it doesn’t have to be a shiny new guitar. Anything to support the cause and make their environment represent their passions.

Mobile Studio Toolkit


If the musician in your life is after a balance of work and travel and is looking for compact gear that is light and durable that can provide professional results, there is a variety of audio gear that will help them get there. Abeldir lists a small collection of products that audio professionals can take on the road that are build tough and are also studio standard, producing extraordinary results. Here we see an Avantone Mixcube speaker which helps assure musicians that their work translates well across a wide range of listening devices, very important with all of today’s audio gadgets they have to keep up with.

Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders







The Jack Rack guitar amp key holder allows you to plug your keys right into them via a 1/4″ input. The holder mounts on to the wall and holds 4 ports. They come in a variety of models both vintage and modern. For the electronic music fan, Jack Racks has also created a version in the style of DJ turntables. Surely there’s a model that will fit any music lover.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker


For the rock and roll lover, Marshall has developed an impressive blue tooth speaker reminiscent of their iconic amplifiers that are designed true to the Marshall name: “with loud in mind.” An optical port allows you to connect the amp to a TV, AppleTV, Airport Express, satellite/cable, hard disk player, or any other Bluetooth device. There is a 3-band EQ for sound controls and an additional RCA output allows you to connect to turntables for any standard analog application.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

DJ Cat Scratch

You can’t tell us that you aren’t absolutely in love with this. Anybody in the world would love to generate a catalogue of potential DJ names for their cat as it spins turntables to their jam. The kit is made of cardboard that is folded together and includes instructions. Replacing the cardboard is an easy purchase should your cat get too deep into the groove.